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Are you a property investor looking to expand your portfolio quickly?
Do you own property or are you considering buying your first investment property?
Would you like us to source investment property and manage your portfolio for you?
Perhaps you are planning for your property investments to provide a substantial income. Then, come and talk to us.

Asking us to help build your property portfolio faster means two things. Not only do you save time finding the right property for investment, but you discover better ways to build a bigger portfolio to achieve financial goals. This could mean replacing your salary with income from property – and providing more income for retirement.

How we help you build you property portfolio

Many investors share our love of property investing yet lack the time (or know-how) to deal with it professionally.

For this reason, we offer a personalised property investment service which meets your chosen strategy. We help you to source the right type of property, refurbish it to the right standard, find good tenants, manage it throughout your ownership or arrange its sale.

Arrange a meeting with us to find out about different investment strategies. We’ll help you reach an informed decision enabling you to grow your property portfolio faster than expected.

Perhaps you’d like to double your rental income – or more – in the next 5 years.

Use our time and expertise to help grow a profitable property portfolio

Skilful property investing depends on a trusted network of supportive professionals. Through our network you have access to excellent property specialists such as: mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants, building contractors, estate agents, letting agents, insurance brokers and more.

Why Donelan Property?

Anthony Donelan is owner and founder of Donelan Property. Living in Manchester, he has exceptional knowledge of the property market in this city and its surrounding areas.

We know how different property investment strategies work and the kind of returns you can expect.

Sharing ideas and thinking creatively unlock opportunities. In our experience, this will accelerate your success in property investing.

Getting started with our service

The first thing we discuss is what you want to achieve from investing in property: your aspirations, goals, dreams, outcomes. We’ll give you examples of the costs and returns of investing in properties in Manchester and North West. You’ll then be ready to plan an investment to help you achieve your financial goals.

You’ll find out:

How to achieve the best rental yields (the amount of rent tenants pay less running costs)
How to measure capital growth (the profit you earn when you later sell the property).

Talk to Donelan Property today to make sure you keep up to date with our latest property deals so you can commit at the earliest opportunity.

Would you like us to help you grow a bigger property portfolio in the North West?

Come and talk to us.

We’ll listen to your ideas, ask you what you want to achieve and present a range of options to help meet your goals.

Call Donelan Property today on 0161 641 8700 or fill in our contact form and we’ll call you.

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