Property Management

We’ve sourced your investment property. It’s been refurbished to a high standard.
Good tenants have been found and moved in.
Now it’s time to make sure that managing your property runs like clockwork.

Less risk

Effective management protects your investment.

The people living in, working on and providing services for your property must be committed to taking proper care of it. This is the reason for our property management service. We select the right tenants, agents and contractors because each one will make a positive difference to your investment in the long term.

Renting out your property

Rental income comes in monthly once the property is rented out.

Leave it to us to manage your property on your behalf while the rental income flows into your bank account every month.

Asking Donelan Property to manage your investment property is a beneficial use of your time.

Among our professional network are letting agents, building contractors and insurance agents – people who provide the services to help us manage your property.

This means you won’t have to deal with these essential tasks because we’ll do them for you:

  • Instructing letting agents
  • Tenant referencing and background checks on all applications
  • Organising repairs and maintenance
  • Regular inspections
  • HMO licensing and other regulations.

Due diligence

As a landlord, you need to know exactly who you are allowing to rent your property before you grant the tenancy.

Landlords need to do thorough credit and tenant reference checks for each adult appearing on a tenancy agreement.

The process is time-consuming. Letting agents are set up to access tenant information and can carry out the essential checks before handing over the keys to your property.

We manage your agreement with the letting agent and put in place the processes for organising repairs and maintenance (meaning the agent receives the call when a tenant reports a broken boiler and not you).

When larger repair work or maintenance is needed, we obtain quotes and organise the work within budget, time and to specification.

The result for you as an investor is a continuous property management service, hassle-free, with no time required on your part.

Let us help manage your investment property on your behalf

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