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Property Management

So, we’ve sourced your investment property, it’s been refurbished and good tenants have moved in.
Now it’s time to make sure it’s managed properly. 

Take fewer risks

You know that effective management will protect your investment. 

The people living in, working on and providing services for it will be committed to taking proper care of it. 

You could do this on your own, but we’ll take most of the risk away. 

  • Avoid dodgy tenants because we’ll select the best ones.

  • No fly-by-night contractors because we only use the ones in our trusted network. 

  • We always use the best agents who will make sure your property is managed as smoothly as possible. 

Each one will make a positive difference to your investment in the long term.

Get the checks done

You need to know exactly who’s renting your property before you let them in. That’s more paperwork - credit and tenant reference checks for each adult on a tenancy agreement for example. All time-consuming. 

Letting agents are set up to access tenant information and do the essential checks before handing over the keys to your property so you don’t have to.

We’ll manage your agreement with the letting agent and organise repairs and maintenance. 

So we get the call for a leaky tap and not you. 

If we need more extensive repair work or maintenance, we’ll get the quotes and organise the work on budget, time and to specification.  

A complete, no-worry property management service you can rely on. 

Use your time for something else, you have better things to do. 

Hassle-free property renting

We’ll manage your property on your behalf while the rental income flows into your bank account every month. It’s as simple as that.

We use a professional network of letting agents, building contractors and insurance agents – people who provide the services to help us manage your property.

So there’s no need to:

  • Instructing letting agents

  • Reference tenants and do background checks on all applications

  • Organise repairs and maintenance

  • Make regular inspections

  • Bother with HMO licensing and other regulations

We’ll do it all for you.

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