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Greater Manchester

Being a major business and commercial capital, Manchester has half of the North-West’s top 500 businesses and is growing fast; many companies are moving their businesses to Manchester every year. This is also reflected in the population growth, official forecasts suggest that the population will grow by another 80,000 by 2027, creating a huge demand for rental properties for commuters. It's links to the rest of the country, and world, with motorways and airports additionally make it a desirable city for connectedness – and the new HS2 route due for completion in 2032 will provide links to London in just over an hour (currently trains take just under 2 hours).


Rental yields in Liverpool are one of the best in the UK (5 of the top 20 postcodes on Totally Money’s list are in Liverpool ; when comparing this with the house prices in the city (with an average house here costing £174,082, compared to the UK average of £319,967 according to Zoopla data), this makes for an extremely desirable investment opportunity and lower risk when compared to other areas of the country.


For those commuters not wanting to live in a large city such as Manchester or Liverpool, Chester provides an excellent alternative – Liverpool is just a 40-minute drive, with Manchester just over an hour away via the M56 and M53 motorways. As of 2019, Chester is number 8 in the league table from Hot Housing Index of the most desirable places to live, making it a great location for families who need excellent commuting links from a more desirable city.


There are a number of factors why investment properties in Birmingham are a great opportunity. As the second-largest city in the UK, Birmingham is a more affordable, yet still desirable city for young professionals, students and families. Additionally, properties within the city offer a great opportunity for capital growth, beating the UK national average by almost 2% . The Commonwealth Games are set to take place in Birmingham in 2022, giving not only a boost to the local economy, but also investment within the city itself, increasing demand and desirability.


When compared with the rest of the country, property prices in Blackpool are considerably cheaper. Couple this with the fact that Blackpool is in the country’s top 10 for asking price reductions – 38.36% of homes have their asking price reduced. Rental yields however are not significantly lower than the rest of the country, average rents in the area are £495, giving healthy yields for those looking to invest. There is also an extensive investment and redevelopment programme underway in the area in order to boost the economy, create jobs and revitalise the town. This will bring in more workers and increase the demand for property.


Telford offers seamless commuting connectivity through major motorways and railways, making it a hub for business and giving it an increasingly healthy property market. In the last 12 months there has been a 5.9% increase in rental values in the area as a younger demographic are being attracted to the area. With diverse housing options on the market and a strong demand for rentals, Telford is good choice to look at making your property investment.

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